General information

Welcome at Quinta Japonesa!


Password : quintajaponesa, log in to all the available networks QuintaJaponesa with the same password to have coverage at the whole Quinta.

Contact details

Michelle +351-926598206 also on WhatsApp!

Or knock at our door in the central room.


You can contact me via Whatsapp, SMS or email.

Quinta Japonesa is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We appreciate it very much, if you follow us and give an extra like on our Facebook page.


-2,5 km/ 4min.  In Cruzes Grill restaurant ‘Taberna do Manelvina’. 7 courses of the best grilled meat. Favorite chorizo, entremeada and then the porco preto and vitela or bull beef!  At lunch time there are other dishes. Closed on Sundays.

-5,5 km/ 8min. Restaurant Casal dos Frades, traditional Portuguese dishes, speciality grilled rabbit (coelho).

-7,0 km/ 10min. In Guisado, restaurant ‘Solar dos Amigos’ traditional Portuguese restaurant  meat and fish, big portions, lot’s of side dishes, cosy (horse theme), closed on Wednesday.

 -9,5 km/ 13min. Restaurant Adega do Albertino, tradional Portuguese dishes,  lot’s of starters.

-11,4 km/ 16 min. Restaurant Safflor in Caldas da Rainha behind the church, Dutch owner! Very nice dishes also vegetarian/vegan. (search googlemaps Igreja nossa senhora da conceicao, caldas da Rainha)

-12,0 km/ 18min. Restaurant Costa Brava, tradional Portuguese keuken and vegetarian dishes,

-12,0 km/ 18min. Restaurant Viera, traditional Portugese dishes (has a corner for young children to play)

-There are many more good restaurants, use TripAdvisor for the opening hours, route and to make a reservation.

(or ask Michelle to call).

Wine tasting

-15 km / 20 min. Cortem, organic wine

-15 km/ 20 min. Rodrigo Filipe, Quinta do Paco organic wine.

-45 km / 40min. Wine tasting at Quinta do Gradil (Vilar), reservation needed.


-2,5 km/ 4min. Minimercado ‘Esperial de Frescos’ in Cruzes open from 9:00h to 19:00h (closed between 13:00h and 15:00h) has about everything, not more expensive than a supermarket, local fruits and vegetables, good service.

-5,5 km/ 7 min. Minimercado ‘Eusebios’ (Salir de Matos)

-10 km/ 14min. Supermarket Pingo Doce N8 between Caldas da Rainha and Tornada.

-11 km/ 15min. Supermarket in Benedita, mega LIDL.

-11 km/ 16min. Supermarket Continente/Modelo in Caldas da Rainha.

And there are some more supermarkets in Caldas da Rainha: Pingo doce, Miniprecos, Intermarche, LeClerc, Lidl, Aldi, Auchan in the Shoppingcentre La Vie.


-11 km / 14min. Daily vegetable and fruit market until 13:00 uur in Caldas da Rainha on the Praca da Republica, better known as Praca da Fruta. Park in the parking CCC (Culture and Congress centre of Caldas da Rainha) or in the parking of shopping centre La Vie.

-9,5 km / 12min. Big market with vegetables and fruit but also other products, every Monday morning in Caldas da Rainha, Campo da Feira.

-14 km / 17min. Big market with vegetables, fruit and other products, even live animals, every Sunday until 13:00h. Village: Venda da Costa (Market name: Mercado Santana).

Water, warm water, gas, electric, solar panels

The tap water is drinkable, it is half springwater and half filtered water, that’s why it has a slight taste of chloride.

On the Quinta we have two wells that we use for irrigation of the large garden and to have water in the ponds.

For the warm water in the apartments we use solar panels. The other accommodations have an automatic heater that only turns on when you need warm water. If the water isn’t getting warm, you could be out of gas. Just ask for a refill.

The electric circuit is 220 Volt and we use solar panels. What is generated is used immediately or given back to net.

The two apartments have either a kitchenette with induction heaters to cook. The other accommodations cook on gas.

Wash machine / dryer

In the garage is a washing machine and a dryer. Per wash we ask 5,00 euro. Just ask Michelle if you want to do a wash.

Towels / Bedlinen change

Towels/kitchen linen are available in the accommodation. After a day or 3 we ask if you need new towels or kitchen linen. Little accidents no problem, just let us know so that we can wash the bedlinen right away.

Staying longer than a week, then it is possible to change the bedlinen after a week as well.

Cash machine / Multi banco

The nearest cash machine ATM (multibanco) in de direction of Caldas da Rainha is in Salir de Matos (search googlemaps, Junta de freguesia, Salir de Matos). 5,9km / 8min.

There is another one in de direction of Benedita in Santa Catarina  (search googlemaps ‘Igreja, Santa Catarina’) 7 km / 9min.

There is another one in the direction of Caldas da Rainha, in Coto opposite the cafe/graveyard ( in googlemaps ‘Cemiterio, Coto’) 8 km / 11min.

The supermarket Pingo Doce alongside the N8 also has a cash machine (like most of the supermarkets have a cash machine and gasoline stations as well).

Post office

In Salir de Matos is the nearest post office (searcha googlemaps, Junta de freguesia de Salir de Matos). Or in Caldas da Rainha, nearby the busstation.

Medical assistance

For urgent help dial 112. All the accommodations have a box with First aid in the bathroom. For a hospital go to the Municipal Hospital in Caldas da Rainha 11 km / 16min., in the centre of Caldas da Rainha. First aid is ‘Urgencias’. Use your European Health Insurance Card, otherwise you have to pay the bill directly and ask for a refund with your own Insurance later.


The Quinta has two sceptic tanks. It’s important for all the accommodations not to flush the paper through the toilet. Use the bin to put the paper in.


Throw garbage in the green or grey containers. You find them to the left on the end of the road or to the right about 200m. Glass, plastic and paper is recycled. Drive to the left, at the end of this road to the left and at the crossing is an eco point. Yellow for plastic and metal, blue for paper and green for glass.

Play facilities

There is a big 40m2 play tent with pingpong, table football, boardgames, puzzles and a lot of toys. Please keep it tidy. There is also a trampoline, not more than 1 person at a time on the trampoline, max 80 kilo. The playground is for everybody, keep it tidy and clean. The pingpongtable can be used outside (to open ask Michelle or Mika). On the swing never more than 1 child of about 8 years. In the brown box near the garage, you’ll find rackets, frisbees and balls. In the grey box you’ll find material to play with on the beach. If you need a parasol for the beach just let us know, we have a few. And also beachtowels for hire for 5,00 euro. (Please don’t use the white towels outside).

Apartment Casa Baixo:

-Floor heating in the entire apartment.

-Shower tap warm water on the opposite side.

-There is a ventilation button in the kitchen and bathroom, make sure the shutters in de main door are open in order to circulate air.

-No paper in the toilet!

Cottage-apartment Casa Antiga:

-Airco, watch the status: to dehumidify put on ‘dry’ and to heat put on ‘heat’, or put the mode on ‘Auto’.

-Floor heating in the bathroom.

-Ventilation button in the bathroom, make sure the door is open and the nearest window is open as well to circulate the air.

-Rooms and the living room have electric radiators (there is a fee for using the heaters).

-The shutters can be shut to keep the light out and sleep even better.

-No paper in the toilet!

Safari lodge Casa Cha:

-There is a gas heater if needed (there is a fee for using the heater).

-It’s glamping but you still need to apply the camping rules, like don’t leave food on the veranda to avoid ants and such.

-Always open the zipper all the way up!

-No paper in the toilet!

Bedouine lodge Casa Ohashi:

-There is a pellet heater (there is a fee for using the heater, 5 euro per bag of pellets). After 3 days/18 working hours clean the ashes with the vacuum cleaner and clean the window in the door.

-It’s glamping but you still need to apply the camping rules, like don’t leave food on the veranda to avoid ants and such.

-Always open the zipper all the way up!

-No paper in the toilet!

Safari lodge Casa Matsu:

-There is a gas heater if needed (there is a fee for using the heater).

-It’s glamping but you still need to apply the camping rules, like don’t leave food on the veranda to avoid ants and such.

-Always open the zipper all the way up!

-No paper in the toilet!